Sunrise & Sunset Tours

You simply have not seen a sunrise or sunset like those you will find in the desert. The changing colours transform the subtle dullness of a pre-dawn desert into the naturally rich red palette that immortalises this landscape.

  • Sunrise Breakfast

    Sunrise Breakfast

    A delicious breakfast against an iconic backdrop is an unforgettable beginning to the day.

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  • Desert Awakenings

    Desert Awakenings

    A private Uluru sunrise leads to a guided tour to the base of this iconic monolith that awakens delegates to the magic of this sacred Indigenous site.

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  • Uluru Sunrise and Base Tour

    Uluru Sunrise and Base Tour

    From the Uluru sunrise viewing area you'll see the horizon change hue even before the first rays of sunlight break through. As the sun reaches the horizon light shoots across the desert. Uluru sits in an endless sea of red dunes.

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  • Kata Tjuta Sunrise Tour

    Kata Tjuta Sunrise Tour

    Meaning 'many heads', Kata Tjuta transforms at sunrise. From the viewing point you'll witness all 36 domes awakening to the warmth of the sun before walking between the enormous conglomerate rocks to Walpa Gorge.

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  • Uluru Sunrise and Guided Cultural Walk

    Uluru Sunrise and Guided Cultural Walk

    Experience a truly inspiring start to the day before going on a journey through the sacred traditions and history of the Anangu people. From the Uluru sunrise viewing area, known as Talinguru Nyakunytjaku, you will see the Red Centre come to life.

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  • Kata Tjuta, Walpa Gorge and Uluru Sunset

    Kata Tjuta, Walpa Gorge and Uluru Sunset

    Your tour begins with a panoramic introduction to the grandeur of Kata Tjuta. From the lookout an expansive view across the southern side of all 36 giant domes provides a brilliant photo opportunity.

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  • Uluru Sunset Viewing

    Uluru Sunset Viewing

    From the Uluru sunset viewing area you find yourself in hushed anticipation as the sun begins to sink under the western horizon. The desert transforms as the dark ink of the evening creeps across the sky.

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  • Kata Tjuta Valley of the Winds Walk

    Kata Tjuta Valley of the Winds Walk

    The Valley of the Winds walk showcases the undulating and diverse landscapes found among Kata Tjuta's many domes. Be escorted to stunning views over the valley and along the base of giant domes that reach up to 540 metres into the sky.

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